Dr. Julian Levine Bio

For more than 40 years, Julie Levine has been involved in health and fitness. He won his first weight lifting contest at just 13 years old. Along with being a Doctor of Chiropractic, he has a Master's Degree in Physical Education and Physical Therapy. He was the Owner of R&J Health Studio in Brooklyn, NY, where he trained Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) who won the Mr. America, Mr. Olympia, and Mr. Universe titles. He has trained other famous professional body builders whose names you will recognize: Chris Dickerson, Dennis Tenerino, Pete Coputo, Steve Mahalic, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. But body builders are not the only professional athletes he has trained. Here in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he trained professional basketball player, Joe Smith.

In addition to training professional athletes, he has also worked with and trained FBI agents, New York Secret Service, State and Local Police Officers in New York City and Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has also trained Navy SEALs and Air Force personnel.

Jack LaLanneIn 1984, he ran the Mr. Olympia contest at Madison Square Garden. This was where Lee Haney won his first of 8 consecutive Mr. Olympias. Julian was also an IFBB Official (International Federation of Body Builders) and Judge, a MPC Official, and the Chairman of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) in New York. As an international judge, he has judged contests around the world such as the Grand Prix and Mr. Universe. Over the years, he has owned multiple gyms and health facilities, and run numerous body building, weight lifting, and power lifting contests.

Dr. Julian Levine brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to a wide variety of individuals right here in Virginia Beach. He helps business men and women stay fit, helps people who want to lose weight, works with student athletes trying to make the team or improve their conditioning. He helps senior citizens improve their mobility and strength, making the retirement years more productive and fun. He hasn't forgotten those that serve the Tidewater Community. He helps train policemen, firemen, and military here in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, Virginia.

With his vast knowledge and physical therapy training, he is able to work with every individual, at every level, and help them to improve their health and fitness. You can be sure he can help you too. I doubt their is any other personal trainer in the area who can match his knowledge and experience. Sign up today, and start your path to successfully reaching your health and fitness goals.

Awards & Achievements

  • Power Lifting Champion
  • Weight Lifting Champion starting at age 13
  • Certificate of Commendation from NYC Police Department
  • Certificate of Recognition from NYY-PD and Deputy Commissioner Community Affairs
  • Virginia AAU Award from the Natural Physique Committee
  • WBBG Award (World Body Building Guild in New York)
  • Certificate of Recognition from Virginia State Police


  • Hunter College, New York, NY
    Master Degree in Physical Education and Physical Therapy
  • Atlantic States Chiropractic Institute, Brooklyn, NY  (Now Columbia School of Chiropractic)
    Doctor of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy